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Condominium Association Metal Fence Replacement – Hartville, OH

Updated: May 22

The Levengood Company (TLC) has completed a gate and hot tub enclosure project for a luxury eight unit condo association near Congress Lake, Ohio. The original system had damaging rust and insecure wall anchoring, making the gates non-functional in some cases.

We were able to work with the association to meet their design and color scheme. We removed the old fence system and replaced it with a 1″ square metal tube system that was fabricated in our Massillon, Ohio production facility.

These gates were sand blasted, primed, then powder coated to increase their weather resistance. The previous color was a red oxide and the replacement gates were a matte black with inserts in the tubes. The new metal fence gates were constructed of 1″ x 1″ uprights and 1 1/2″ x 3″ cross bars supports. All hinges were installed with a nylon washer between the bracket and hinge to eliminate any chance of metal to metal contact.

During this extensive renovation project, we provided the decorative accents and functional security the residents desired. Engineering the gate movement operation to reduce the wear on the powder coated hinges and designing a more attractive latching system to enhance the decorative nature of the gates were improvements we take pride in.

TLC takes an artful approach to solving problems! Have a fence or other metal project that you would like to discuss? Give us a call at 330-830-0401.

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